Introducing a Powerful Forecasting Solution for your Data.

Our Data Forecasting Solution delivers fast, accurate predictions using your organizations data.

The automated forecasts allow you to recognize patterns, trends, and opportunities, sooner. 

Our automated data forecasting technology works with many types of time series data sets. 

What would you like to forecast better, and faster?


Better Forecasting = Better Decision Making

Our predictive technology unlocks the value in your organizations data, producing a clear and concise forecast.

Better, faster, more confident forecasting allows your organization to more efficiently distribute resources and assets.

Acclaimed Labs’ predictive forecasting technology delivers disruptive value, competitive advantage and unequaled insight.

Automated Data Modeling

Challenged with forecasting time series
data better and faster than
existing solutions, we engineered
our automation out of necessity.

Data Modeling and Forecasting

Our powerful automation is
built for travel, health, airline
and financial data forecasting.


Information about our Automated Data Forecasting Technology:

Our state space models are advanced probabilistic graphical models, which use theoretical techniques to analyze data. By simplifying data into component parts, state space models can apply a large variety of models to select the optimal

The Artificial Neural Network within our platform adapts and predicts on data where other techniques fail. With advances in computer processing power, Artificial Neural Networks capitalize on this, providing insight on data not previously realized.

Company Fact: In 2012, a random call with a hedge fund owner introduced us to the small niche of professional airline revenue data forecasting. That set our company on a path to develop the automated data forecasting technology we have today.