"In the beginning, Our Data Science team used a clever mix of Python and R (Open Source Software) (OSS) to automate endless hours of difficult data modeling. That original modeling automation became the core of one of the most powerful data forecasting solutions on the planet."

-CEO Judson Smith

Modern Data Forecasting Technology Built using Open Source Technology.

Our automated predictive technology delivers fast, accurate and efficient Data Forecasting to time series data.

Automated Data Forecasting Technology that’s easy to use.

Our data forecasting technology packs a powerful combination of statistical modeling and publishing into an easy to use application.

Innovative Data Forecasting Technology, Better, Faster.

Identify Emerging Opportunities, patterns, trends and Risk Management Issues, sooner.


Innovative, Automated Data Forecasting Technology

Seeing a Technology Gap in the data forecasting Industry, we built an Automated data Forecasting Solution, using open source technology, models and Data Science. 

Our Data-Science based technology unlocks the value in your data, allowing for more efficient distribution of resources and assets.

Powerful, Open Source Technology Solution forecasts your Data

  1. Completely automated – Models to Forecast
  2. Publishes historical platform performance
  3. Modern, scalable for A.I. Pre Built Forecasts – No Setup
  4. Integrated Forecast Publishing



Time Series Forecasting

Our technology can produce bank grade forecasts
on many difficult data sets.

Machine Learning Travel Data

Our powerful machine learning models were
specifically chosen to function with travel data.

Automated Data Modeling

Challenged with forecasting time series
data better and faster than
existing solutions, we engineered
our automation out of necessity.

Data Modeling and Forecasting

Our powerful automation is
built for travel, health, airline
and financial data forecasting.


Geeky Information about our Travel Data Forecasting Technology:

Our state space models are advanced probabilistic graphical models, which use theoretical techniques to analyze data. By simplifying data into component parts, state space models can apply a large variety of models to select the optimal

The Artificial Neural Network within our platform adapts and predicts on data where other techniques fail. With advances in computer processing power, Artificial Neural Networks capitalize on this, providing insight on travel data not previously realized.

Company Fact: In 2012 we were challenged by a Hedge Fund to forecast future airline revenues. To achieve our goal, we automated the entire statistical modeling process with powerful open source programming languages. The power of that airline core powers us today.

Automated Data Forecasting

Our technology predicts using your time series datasets, unlocking hidden value.