"US and Global Airline Revenues are leading indicators of Economic Health. Our powerful technology predicts future airline revenues, that's not a coincidence." - Judson Smith / CEO

Airline Revenue Technology with Purpose.

Our technology delivers automated airline revenue

forecasting for the Airline, Financial and Travel Industries.


Data Science Expenses vs. Automation:

Data Science Professionals need time and costly software to predict future Airline Revenues with consistent accuracy.

Seeing a market gap to save time and money – We engineered automated airline revenue forecasting technology. 



Disruptive Benefits of Automated Forecasting:


Happy Data Scientists.

Unmatched Value, Precision.

3 months of work now takes 1 Hour.

Forecast More Airline Data. Easier. Faster. Better.

Forecast your competitors’ airline revenues.

Pre Built Forecasts – No Setup.

Integrated Publishing.



Airline Data

Our technology can produce forecasts
on many different airline data sets.

Airline Forecasting Models

Our powerful statistical models were
specifically chosen to function with airline data.

Automated Revenue Modeling

Challenged with airline revenue –
our automation was engineered
out of necessity.

Airline Data Modeling and Forecasting

Our powerful automation is
built for airline data forecasting.


Geeky Information about our Airline Revenue Technology:

Our state space models are advanced probabilistic graphical models, which use theoretical techniques to analyze data. By simplifying data into component parts, state space models can apply a large variety of models to select the optimal

The Artificial Neural Network within our platform adapts and predicts on data where other techniques fail. With advances in computer processing power, Artificial Neural Networks capitalize on this, providing insight on airline revenue data not previously realized.

Company Fact: Years ago, we were challenged by a Hedge Fund to forecast future airline revenues. We built Python and R automation, thinking innovative and smart. That original forecasting technology became the foundation of our company.

Automated Airline Revenue Forecasting

Our technology predicts future airline revenues for the Airline, Financial and Travel Industries.