Predictive Data Forecasting

Why Does Your Firm or Corporation Need Our Predictive Data Forecasting Technology?

We’ve automated the difficult, time consuming statistical modeling process – the Heart of Data Science. Our powerful, modern technology saves valuable company time and resources, while delivering unlimited scaling and integration possibilities.

Disruptive Benefits

Extreme Value and Savings demonstrated in both company time and resources. What took months, now takes minutes.

Fast, accurate forecasting allows clients to make smarter business decisions, sooner.

Our technology quickly helps clients identify emerging opportunities, trends and potential Risk.

Competitive Advantages – easily forecast new data from markets, routes and territory, more efficiently than ever before.

Managed or Self-Hosted Solutions

Let us model your big data into marketable insights, or contact us to discuss ways to use our platform in-house.

Forecasting Model

Proprietary model selection algorithms within our platform produce powerful and intuitive forecasts.

Automated Predictive Data Forecasting Anyone Can Use

Our technology offers immediate predictive data forecasting power, speed and precision to anyone who can upload a file.

Fast, Precise Time-Series Modeling and Forecasting

Our automated high-performance statistical modeling solution frees up valuable time and resources.


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Smart. Intuitive. Simplified. Forecasting.

Our state space models are advanced probabilistic graphical models, which use theoretical techniques to analyze data. By simplifying data into component parts, state space models can apply a large variety of models to select the optimal

Our Artificial Neural Networks are able to adapt and predict on data where other techniques fail. With the advances in computer processing power, Artificial Neural Networks are able to capitalize on this to give insight on data not previously realized.

Company Fact: The platform’s powerful technology and forecasts were originally developed to predict Future US Airline Industry Passenger Revenues, an area historically proven difficult to predict even for Wall Street.

Innovation Since 2010

Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has focused on building and deploying predictive data forecasting technology.