"Our modern airline revenue forecasting technology delivers unmatched automation, speed and precision." - Acclaimed Labs Shareholder

Airline Revenue Forecasting Technology by Acclaimed Labs

Q3 2017 Live US Airline Industry Passenger Revenue Forecasts

*Q4 Passenger Revenue Forecasts USING NEW TECHNOLOGY

**Q3 Passenger Revenue Forecasts USING NEW TECHNOLOGY

***Q3 Passenger Revenue Forecasts


Identify Emerging Opportunities

We’re capable of predicting market information utilizing our data or yours. Our platform identifies key statistics within your data to quickly help you determine the value.

Passenger Revenues

By improving the long term accuracy of passenger revenue forecasting, our platform is leading the airline industry into a new age of precision and efficiency.

Airline Industry

Our automated statistical modeling technologies are capable of identifying future opportunities, trends, and potential risks within the airline industry.

Airline Data Focus

Our platform’s technology was developed to produce clear and concise revenue predictions in the US Airline Industry.

Airline Revenue Technology by Acclaimed Labs:  

Saves significant money, time and airline resources.

Publishes Backtest Forecast Accuracy Errors.

Produces clear, unbiased forecasts.

Is designed with Powerful, Open Source programming.

Improves airline revenue forecasting accuracy.

Exports forecasts to existing Airline RMS.

Offers unlimited scaling and AI opportunities.

Managed or Airline Hosted Revenue Solutions

Let us model your airline revenue into meaningful insights, or use our platform in-house to create your own forecasts.

Automated Airline Revenue Forecasting

Our automated high-performance statistical modeling solution ingests, and models nearly all time-series airline data into easy to understand, intuitive forecasts.

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