May 5, 2017

US Airline Industry Overbooking, airline capacity and airline passenger revenue:

Airline Revenue Technology, Airline Revenue Management Solutions and Airline Data solutions can all have a significant impact on the airline overbooking problem only if individual carriers choose to improve their

forecasting with better and faster, predictive airline revenue technology.

US Airline Industry overbooking, airline capacity and airline passenger revenues can all be forecasted better, and faster using our modern technology.

Acclaimed Labs has been monitoring and successfully forecasting US Airline Passenger Revenues for more than 3 years. We are engaging many

US Airline Industry air passenger carriers to showcase our predictive data forecasting technology.

Our algorithms were developed to predict future US Airline Industry Revenues with Institutional grade accuracy.

Our platform uses modern, open source programming to automate the statistical modeling process, the heart of data science.

September 20, 2016


Blog Post: Fintech – Using Your Data To Predict The Future With Our Technology

One of the most amazing things about mid to large companies is that they possess the data to predict the future. Some companies have decades of data they could be modeling and forecasting, yet are bogged down with the sheer volume of where to begin. Many companies use common spreadsheets to accomplish any number of industry performance indicator forecasting, i.e. revenue, profit, risk forecasting, retention, etc. Automated statistical modeling from Acclaimed Labs can replace common spreadsheet forecasting with more accurate and intuitive tables and graphs. With some companies able to build their own data science teams to perform better statistical modeling than common spreadsheets, some payment processing, insurance, technology and healthcare companies are acquiring startup FinTech predictive analytics to attain their forecasting goals. Decreasing margins and increased competition are forcing companies to move away from common office spreadsheets and historical data visualization packages, in favor of adopting real predictive forecasting technology to gain market share and restore/build competitive advantage. Using your data, our intuitive, proprietary forecasting technology can help your company, firm or business entity predict and project future values better and faster. Our platform can help you identify future potential Risk sooner, while Protecting Assets.

Even though Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Financial Forecasting, and FinTech are common words in the business world now; the majority of firms, companies and entities who really need to implement FinTech predictive analytics/ forecasting technology, have yet to do so. Partly due to a shortage of statisticians and data scientists. Partly because it can be difficult for mid to large companies to create forecasting technology from within. And lastly, because existing market forecasting solutions can be extremely hard to use, lack the features needed, and expensive. All firms, companies and entities with data can benefit from understanding patterns and trends that affect their market, with projections for the future. Designed by our own statisticians and data scientists, Acclaimed Labs developed our institutional grade FinTech forecasting solution to replace, or replicate an entire data science teams efforts with easy to use automation. Properly embraced by existing data science teams, our platform provides a boost in productivity. Our platform was built as a plug in solution for companies who need better financial forecasting or demand model forecasting. Our platform combines extremely powerful and automated statistical modeling together with intuitive forecasting for the end user, leveraging the playing field for those companies locked out of the market for expensive data scientists, their teams, and statistical modeling software.

Better financial FinTech forecasting can allow Payment Processors, Insurance, Health and Banks data to discover emerging opportunities, unlocking secrets to their future, their clients, and their competition. In addition to using our platform for your forecasting needs, our FinTech can also be resold to your clients as a Value Added Technology (VAT), generating revenue from your predictive analytics integration efforts. Improve offerings, expand markets and improve margins with innovative FinTech Value Added Technology provided by Acclaimed Labs. Acquiring or licensing FinTech for better forecasting brings immediate insight to nearly all departments within an organization. If you have data not currently being modeled into forecasts, or forecasting that needs to be more accurate, our statistical modeling and forecasting technology allows an end user to easily create institutional grade projections on nearly any time series data. Applying our predictive market and forecasting technology to your data allows your company to understand your data/market/clients/competition better. Automated Statistical Modeling and Forecast publishing by Acclaimed Labs allows Marketing, Underwriting, Sales, Customer Service and Risk teams of almost all business sectors to plan, manage and execute their future strategies better.

Part of a widening gap, Statisticians and data scientists are in high demand. The majority of payment processing, insurance, healthcare and banking entities who have data that can benefit from better statistical modeling and forecasting have been unable to locate or hire statisticians and data scientists simply due to demand for their services. The Acclaimed Labs platform was built by statisticians and data scientists to address this emerging supply/demand problem. Our platform gives the end user the ability to function as a statistician or data scientist, without needing the skill set. Most companies can benefit from a one size fits all, time series Big Data Forecasting Solution. Acclaimed Labs can improve forecasting accuracy, reduce expenses and allow your company to cover more areas of influence, faster and more efficiently than most existing FinTech predictive and data forecasting market solutions. The Acclaimed Labs platform was developed, and coded by statisticians and data scientists.

Many mid to large firms, companies and business entities can spend years building technology that is ultimately replaced by a plug in FinTech forecasting platform like Acclaimed Labs. Acclaimed Labs fills this unique plug in FinTech Forecasting platform niche. Our robust platform is easily integrated, scalable and easily customized. Payment processors, Insurance companies, healthcare entities and banks can attain immeasurable forecasting insight, and generate revenue from our customizable FinTech forecasting platform.

FinTech Forecasting developed by Acclaimed Labs replicates, replaces, or enhances existing data science teams work flow and productivity output with our proprietary automated statistical modeling, back testing and publishing technology. Our platforms phenomenal success for the last two years predicting future US Airline Industry Passenger Revenues, a historically difficult area to forecast due to its seasonality, patterns, trends and Multi Billion dollar figures; gives our technology a unique competitive advantage over other emerging startup FinTech companies and their technology. Most companies who begin building predictive analytics will never evolve into anything more than a data visualization software company due to the complex nature of integrating statistical modeling and forecasting into an automated, easy to use platform that issues future projections and predicted values. Providing value far beyond measurement, our predictive analytics/financial forecasting technology can help your bank, payment processing, insurance, technology, or healthcare company unlock secrets from your data without a data science team.

Please contact us for more information. Acclaimed Labs – Portland, Maine – FinTech Automated Statistical Modeling and Forecasting Technology.



September 19, 2016



Acclaimed Labs, through our powerful predictive analytics, has forecasted and identified increasing weakness in future US Airline Industry Passenger Revenues for end of Q3 and all of Q4, 2016. This typically has a negative impact on share prices of US Airline Carriers. Wall Street does not seem to be identifying the increasing weakness yet.
Current share prices as of this post:

$37.16 Delta
$17.28 JBLU
$51.38 UAL
$35.60 AAL
$46.61 HA
$65.79 ALK



September 16, 2016



4 Takeaways from The ETA TRANSACT BOSTON – FinTech 2016 event held at The MIT Media Lab:

1. Currently, Electronic Payments Processing, Banking, Insurance and Cyber Security represent the most acquisitive markets for FinTech Startups.

2. According to a Senior VP of a public technology company who looks to acquire Financial Technology FinTech startups, they start by asking themselves a few important questions about the acquisition target:

A.Does the acquisition expand our market?
B.Does the acquisition improve our own offerings?
C.Does the acquisition make us more competitive?

3. Fintech should be innovative, perhaps disruptive, but it should not be overly complicated. It should not be beyond the complexity of the acquirer. Tools and platforms need to have the ability to be integrated and customized easily.

4. FinTech Startups, Mergers, and Acquisitions will all continue to grow in 2016 and 2017. There is a significant amount of money flow being directed to FinTech Mergers & Acquisitions.

The Financial Forecasting Technology developed by Acclaimed Labs can be used in nearly all existing and emerging predictive and forecasting markets, however our tools are extremely effective in the electronic payment processing, banking, cyber security, transportation, and Insurance markets. These markets have the most to gain, or lose from FinTech at this time. Failure to adopt automated modeling and publishing could disrupt markets, punishing those companies who refuse to adapt.

The Acclaimed Labs platform is an extremely powerful statistical modeling and predictive analytics platform that publishes insightful forecasts using time series data. Forged, hardened and sharpened with a challenge to accurately forecast future US Airline Industry Passenger Revenue Growth for a capital management firm, our innovative platform includes gold standard “back testing” technology. While most statisticians, data scientists or analysts do not typically publish their historical errors – our automated back testing technology showcases the platforms errors, showing how well our modeling and algorithms predicted historically. This unique, automated “back testing” technology and our sophisticated diagnostics were built to perform well in a historically difficult area to forecast, purely out of necessity. In addition, our Artificial Neural Networks are able to adapt and predict on data where other techniques fail. With the advances in computer processing power, Artificial Neural Networks are able to capitalize on this to give insight on data not previously realized. In this case, necessity really was the Mother of All FinTech Inventions for us. Acclaimed Labs Fintech forecasting technology provides confidence to make better business decisions.

Powerful Benefits and Byproducts of using our FinTech platform:

1. Reduce expenses while increasing insight
2. Easy to Use – Increase productivity and lighten workload with built in automation
3. Cover more Areas and Markets of Influence
4. Discover Patterns and Trends previously unseen
5. Identify emerging opportunities
6. Locate potential Risk
7. Gain Competitive Advantage
8. Adaptable, customizable, scalable to new needs
9. Business Intelligence capabilities –

About Acclaimed Labs:

Founded in 2010, the continued objective is the advancement and distribution of our disruptive Financial Technology into predictive and data forecasting markets.
By eliminating or reducing the need for data science teams and their costly infrastructure, our scalable platform delivers unlimited disruptive value.
Innovative, our easy to use financial technology is engineered to professional capital management and institutional grade standards. Fintech proudly made in Portland, Maine.



September 15, 2016


Blog Post:

ETA TRANSACT Tech BOSTON – MIT Media Lab – September 2016

Acclaimed Labs attended the ETA TRANSACT Tech BOSTON event – a one day FinTech event held at the prestigious MIT Media Lab on September 13, 2016. The event was designed to bring innovative FinTech companies such as Acclaimed Labs into contact with senior executives from the payments industry, other technology companies, financial institutions, and VC/Investment firms.

For more information on the impressive attendees please visit:



August 11, 2016


Blog Post:Wall Street, Large Global Banks Dominate Financial Technology Acquisitions

Forecasting Financial Technology Acquisitions 2016

As the world ponders the health of the global economy, predictive analytics firms are supplying the insight needed to have confidence in the saying “you need to spend money to make money”. Wall Street firms, large global banks and nearly any traditional business entity (brick and mortar or ecommerce) that can benefit from a small percent increase in forecasting accuracy, are seeking out new predictive analytics and financial technologies being brought to market. Recent market activity strongly suggests that acquiring predictive forecasting technology is much more cost friendly than hiring data science teams and building from scratch.

Predictive financial technology is being used to forecast nearly anything that has a value attached to it. New startups emerge every day hoping to come up with a foundation of financial predictive technology that everyone can agree on. They raise millions of dollars with no solid go-to market product. Often times, these startups pivot to provide “data analytics” which actually are different ways to display your data. This is because the coding and infrastructure to stay on focus and build a predictive analytics platform that will publish forecasts is a long and complicated technical process. Many companies pivot instead of giving up, but soon the market catches up with the visualization data analytics companies, and they are left with increased competition and dwindling margins.

The insatiable hunger for innovative and disruptive financial forecasting technology is causing many companies to buy technology to simply prevent a competitor from using it. Many times, that technology may never be used again, swallowed into the institutions that capture them and then shelved forever in order to prevent others from obtaining a competitive advantage.

The Fintech industry is still relatively new, and the scramble to obtain the upper hand means a business that wishes to remain relevant in the 21st century needs to also have innovative, predictive financial technology of the kind that the major banks are developing, seeking out, and acquiring at an increasing pace. The clear solution is licensing disruptive forecasting technology provided by Acclaimed Labs.



August 11, 2016


Blog Post: Wall Street, Large Global Banks Dominate Financial Technology Acquisitions

Wall Street, Large Global Banks Dominate Financial Technology Acquisitions

The emerging Fintech (Financial Technology) and Big Data Revolution has caught the interest of Wall Street, traditional financial banks, and institutions interested in maximizing their revenues and investments, while navigating the risks associated with the economy of the new millennium. There is an increasing need to license or acquire innovative predictive analytics and financial forecasting technology services from outside firms that specialize in using financially friendly code- such as R and Python programming. New to market, yet proven Financial Technology is often acquired quickly to shut out competitors. Acclaimed Labs is a new to market, yet proven financial technology.

Many large banks are simply acquiring startups that have the predictive forecasting technology they need, while it appears that others such as UBS, Citi and Deutsche Bank, have built their own custom research centers (“Fintech labs”) and financial technology. Of course, such an undertaking is a tremendous investment in capital and personnel, far out of the reach of most small- to medium-sized businesses to develop in-house. Thus, the advantages of acquiring innovative Fintech focused firms for their technology has benefited mainly large banks, while putting smaller enterprises at a serious disadvantage in the new economy.

Results from innovative and disruptive predictive financial technology must be reliable. Proven results, with heavy emphasis on back testing and diagnostics, establish the rigorousness of any predictive analytics forecast product. Flexibility is also important – the technology must be adaptable to changing data and market conditions. The task of changing a forecasting software package that is not built with change in mind can easily exceed the cost of the original implementation. The technology must also be scalable. All of these demands are typically far outside the specialization and capacity of most small to medium enterprises. Acclaimed Labs fills the widening gap, providing competitive advantage with our innovative financial forecasting technology.

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August 9, 2016


Blog Post:

Big Data “Visual Analytics” VS. Real Predictive Analytics Financial Technology

With the US economy recovering from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the need for data scientists has increased exponentially. More and more business entities are seeking out new ways to monetize the big data they create, collect, store and manage. Most end up choosing what we would call visual analytics platforms to display their data in new graphs and charts. Seeing a gap in financial forecasting technology, with most big data companies focusing on ways to display data, Acclaimed Labs focused on building real, innovative predictive analytics forecasting, the difficult and harder financial technology to develop and build.

Statisticians and data scientists are charged with developing forecasts with data, an arduous and long manual process, guaranteeing job security. Seeking to replace expensive data scientists with a high performance statistical modeling solution, we built our platform to provide powerful and intuitive predictive forecasting values, solving a real problem for most companies. Better forecasting is needed by virtually every company that wants to reduce costs and increase revenues. Built by statisticians and data scientists to replicate, replace or enhance an entire data science teams’ manual modeling in a fraction of the time – our predictive financial technology is disruptive in a time where time and resources are in high demand.

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Made in Maine Technology
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Made in Maine Financial Technology



July 18, 2016



Maine Technology Company Acclaimed Labs Offers Free Sample Forecast To Maine Companies

For the next 90 days, Acclaimed Labs is offering to develop free sample forecasts for Maine companies using client supplied data.

Lead Software Developer Ed Holmes stated: “Anytime we can provide value to Maine people, we are giving back to our neighbors, friends, and the local economy. Maine is a tough state to live, and do business in. By providing free sample forecasts, we hope to introduce Maine business owners with a new way to save money, identify emerging opportunities and locate potential risk.”

Data Engineer Al Gordon mentioned:”Our predictive platform was developed for Wall Street applications – we are confident we can deliver value across many Maine sectors of business.”

Founder and CEO of Acclaimed Labs Judson Smith stated: “In 2010, we knew that there would be a huge gap in predictive analytics and financial technology forecasting when the US economy recovered. We knew that data scientists and statisticians would become extremely valuable in the future. Thinking far ahead, we hired real data scientists and statisticians to build disruptive financial modeling automation that would essentially render data science teams unnecessary; obsolete. Unlike many startups who waste millions of dollars to come up with an idea for a predictive analytics platform, we’ve already built a functioning solution. Self funded, with no help from Venture Capital, Grants or Banks, we represent Maine people: innovative, resourceful, and resilient.”

Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has grown to become a unique provider of financial technology and predictive analytics forecasting. Expandable and customizable, their financial technology and forecasting accuracy transforms the way institutional firms view markets, business competitors and the business landscape.

Acclaimed Labs is proud to have developed Made in Maine Technology.

For more information, or to request a free trial, please contact:




July 12, 2016



Acclaimed Labs Disrupts Wall Street Airline Revenue Forecasting

Portland, Maine – (July 12, 2016)

Acclaimed Labs is excited to announce the successful results of nearly two years of financial technology development specifically focused on forecasting future US Airline Passenger Airline Industry Revenues.

Disruptive – our predictive financial technology has far exceeded the accuracy our platform was expected to achieve, and could ultimately replace many elite Wall Street analysts tasked with generating forecasts for various sectors of the US economy.

A leading indicator of health; US Airline Revenues are widely accepted to be a window into the US economy. Correctly predicting future US Airline Industry Passenger Revenues months in advance can provide tremendous insight into many sectors of the US economy.

Founder and CEO of Acclaimed Labs Judson Smith stated: “Our innovative high performance modeling platform and predictive technology was engineered to provide professional capital management grade accuracy in a sector historically difficult to forecast. We can now apply that same predictive technology to any sector better forecasting is required, allowing you to make better business decisions.”

Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has grown to become a unique provider of financial technology and predictive analytics forecasting. Expandable and customizable, their financial technology and forecasting accuracy transforms the way institutional firms view markets, business competitors and the business landscape.

For more information, or to request a free trial, please contact:




June 28, 2016



Viral Technologies Rebrands as Acclaimed Labs

Disruptive Financial Tech

Portland, Maine – (June 28, 2016)

Viral Technologies, a Portland based financial technology predictive analytics provider, recently rebranded while unveiling a redesigned website. The new brand, and website, offers more in-depth information on the company’s success and core capabilities in technology development, automated modeling, algorithms and back testing.

Acclaimed Labs primary product is an institutional grade, high performance statistical modeling platform. Originally built to model performance indicators for capital management professionals, the automated back testing, diagnostics and publishing technology has been expanded to ingest and model nearly all types of Time Series based Big Data. Quality programming allows for easy integration.

With this rebranding, Acclaimed Labs is expanding their core financial forecasting technology strength beyond capital markets. The platform’s powerful predictive statistical modeling technology can help clients identify emerging opportunities, trends and potential risk. Acclaimed Labs modeling technology replaces common office spreadsheets with automated institutional grade visuals and graphs.

Judson Smith, Acclaimed Lab’s Founder and CEO stated: “We felt a new look, name and refined information concerning our capabilities would better represent the considerable advancements our team has achieved. Our platform is disruptive, and can render an entire team of $100,000 a year data scientists, and their licensed software, obsolete. Or, it can enhance a data teams efforts, maximizing value.”

Acclaimed Labs Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Darryl Seamans explained: “The precise, easy to use and accurate technology comes from the combined passion of many talented statisticians, data engineers, former military and professional intelligence consultants. We represent persistence and honor.”

Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has grown to become a unique provider of financial technology and predictive analytics forecasting. Expandable and customizable, their financial technology platform and forecasting accuracy transforms the way institutional firms view markets, business competitors and the business landscape.

For more information, or to request a free trial, please contact: