fore·cast ˈfôrˌkast/
verb/ 1. predict a
future event/"the
revenue forecast
shows clear

synonyms: predict, project, foresee, foretell

Automated, High Speed, Large Scale Forecasting by Acclaimed Labs.

April 11, 2018

Data Forecasting Technology Services

Large Scale Forecasting with no Coding. Let our technology do the heavy work.

Over the past few years, we’ve optimized how our virtually unlimited model repository models and forecasts hard to predict, noisy, seasonal and cyclical data. Our forecasts are designed to help planners and analysts optimize assets and resources, delivering statistical based services to be as accurate as possible given the dynamics and noise in the behavior being forecasted.

Some features and benefits of using our forecasting services:

Our Internal diagnostics back test model predictions and self publish results, offering an uncontaminated forecast, devoid of human bias or model selection. Reducing an organizations internal power, political and personal agendas, our high speed, large scale forecasting removes any human intervention or bias. Our high speed automation delivers actionable insights that represent important opportunities, or potential risk. We save time and money by allowing the data to select and build the best models to work use with no human intervention.

Allow your planners, analysts and consultants to work on the actionable insight our services offer, not spending time trying to code complex, predictive production grade technology, or use inferior forecasting products. Allow our high speed, institutional grade, large scale forecasting technology services to bring automated modeling and forecasting skills to transform your organization. Our statistical modeling based services solve problems, saves money and allows you and your organization to focus on the important key performance indicators that drive your business.

Forecast faster, better.

New Website, fresh start!

April 7, 2018

 Acclaimed Labs

Welcome to our new website and blog! A fresh start in many ways! After 8 years, we’ve emerged with finished technology and a clean image/website.

In the past, our focus was on finishing our technology, not our blog or website. We hope the website facelift clearly identifies what we do, and the value we provide.

Our intention is to begin posting some of our personal forecasting projects here in the blog, each month, and perhaps have some random updates on our company. We hope our personal projects will showcase the robust technology we’ve created here at Acclaimed Labs.

As the US and global employment market struggles to fill a labor shortage for high value data forecasting skills, our solution has emerged as the only privately owned, completely automated, professional grade statistical modeling and forecast publishing service on the planet.