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October 17, 2018

Portland, Maine., run by Big Room Studios, has updated and included Acclaimed Labs ( in their exclusive list of Maine startups.

Listed along other notable, high calibre Fintech companies such as Cashstar, Certify and Powerpay, Acclaimed Labs is proud of this achievement and our success

creating world class statistical modeling and forecasting technology here in Maine, using Maine educated statisticians.


Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has been focused on creating Financial Technology. Bootstrapped here in Maine,

Acclaimed Labs is the only Fintech technology company in Maine who has developed high speed, statistical modeling and forecasting automation for

large scale forecasting business purposes, replacing hundreds of statisticians at once, removing human bias and schedule conflicts at the same time.


Acclaimed Labs is one of the most powerful, privately owned data forecasting software solutions on the planet.

Our technology can forecast more data, better and faster than humans, and many existing data forecasting software solutions on the market.

Our technology delivers the finest statistical based forecasts available for your important data. Scalable and driven by Data Science,

Acclaimed Labs uses modern programming languages such as R and Python to create our powerful forecasting solution.

What can we predict for you?


From the website:

This map is a labor of love created by members of Big Room Studios. In 2016, we started an informal list of helpful resources to share with our startup clients to help them navigate the ecosystem. Many were new to the Maine Startup community and were struggling to build relationships that were key to their growth. We quickly realized how valuable such a simple spreadsheet could be.

Similarly, we recognized that there was no comprehensive list of companies being built and grown in the State of Maine. This information is crucial to creating the symbiotic partnerships startups rely on to grow. After compiling the full list of startups in Maine, it was clear we needed to share what we found with the whole community.

Big Room Studios is a software engineering and consulting firm working at the intersection of technology, design and humanity.

For more information about Big Room Studios, please visit:

Acclaimed Labs owns and operates the fastest data forecasting software solution for forward looking organizations. Save money and increase insight.

For more information about our Fintech, please visit 

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