fore·cast ˈfôrˌkast/
verb/ 1. predict a
future event/"the
revenue forecast
shows clear

synonyms: predict, project, foresee, foretell

SPDR ETF (XLF) Forecast December 2018

December 2, 2018

SPDR ETF (XLF) Financial Select Sector December 2018 Month Close Forecast


Forecast: Delta Air Lines’ # of Domestic flights

Airport: ATL Hartsfield-Jackson International.

Topic: US Economic Leading Indicators


November 25, 2018

Portland, Maine – Fintech Firm Acclaimed Labs uses our powerful fintech (financial technology) to forecast many types of data.

Airline and airport data are of particular interest to us because they are leading indicators of the health of the US and Global economy.

Delta is a large, US based Legacy Airline Carrier,  and the ATL airport processes more passengers than any other airport monthly in the world.


Delta Air Lines Domestic # of Flights from ATL (BTS DATA)


Acclaimed Labs can run millions of automated forecasts to help airlines, airports, government entities and financial institutions predict better, and faster.

Use our fintech forecasting technology to uncover opportunities in your data, reducing your costs.

Use our technology to forecast possible compliance concerns.

Use our technology to mitigate risk.

Support Strategic Decisions with our technology.



Data Source: https:// – Acclaimed Labs used the newest data reported, which was August 2018.

Backtesting reveals an average of  95% accuracy on this data, up to 4 months in advance. (We publish our errors).

There are deep patterns and trends in airline, airport and other historical financial and time series data sets.

Our fintech forecasting solution solves heavy duty statistics with high speed automation.

These types of high speed, automated forecasts can help airlines,  airports and their immediate ecosystem reduce costs

and more efficiently optimize the efficient distribution of their assets and resources, further in advance.

TSA, CDC and other government entities that need forward looking projections can also benefit from better airport forecasting.

Contact us today for more information.




Acclaimed Labs releases

NEW 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

for The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HD)

after STUNNING 3Q18 Prediction Results.


November 20, 2018


Acclaimed Labs uses automated fintech/forecasting technology to

forecast more, better and faster than Wall Street Analysts.


Acclaimed Labs previously posted our prediction on our blog for 3Q18 Revenues forThe Home Depot Inc. (NYSE- HD) Home Depot 3Q18 Revenue Forecast

Professional, expensive Wall Street Analysts expected The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE-HD) to report 3Q18 Revenues of $26.25B

The Home Depot Inc. (NYSE-HD) reported 3Q18 Revenues of $26.30B on November 13, 2018.

On August 30, 2018, Acclaimed Labs’ technology predicted The Home Depot (HD) would beat analysts expectations and report $26.84B in 3Q18 Revenues, see  Home Depot 3Q18 Revenue Forecast

Our automated forecasting technology was 97.95% accurate, an error of only 2.05%


Wall Street analysts use teams of statisticians, spreadsheets, third party data and software, and are constantly adjusting their revenue expectations throughout the quarter. Our technology does not do that, require that and consistently proves statistical modeling automation is KING.

Our technology removes nearly all the high overhead of expensive employees by solving human modeling and forecasting duties with automated, high speed, heavy duty statistics, sophisticated diagnostics, and powerful algorithms.


Acclaimed Labs releases The Home Depot Inc., (NYSE-HD) Home Depot 4Q18 Revenue Forecast predicting $25.465B in 4Q18 Revenues.

Currently, Wall Street Analysts are predicting $26.61B in 4Q18 Revenues for The Home Depot, Inc. (NYSE-HD). 


Most historical revenue data has underlying patterns and trends our automated fintech forecasting software identifies, reveals, uncovers. Some data is harder to predict than other data.


In mere minutes, our automated fintech delivers an institutional grade forecast, removing expensive Wall Street analysts, statisticians, planners i.e. costly overhead. Our technology publishes


integrated back test errors in depth to show the accuracy of our solution on that data, an exceptional feature humans cannot or typically will not produce out of fear their models will be scrutinized.


Our solution is honest, delivering back testing results, and a clear concise forecast devoid of emotion, with no wishy washy language a human planner, analyst or statistician will often employ to


distance themselves from their own predictions once they’ve given a forecast. Our technology forecasts with convictions, no second guessing or hemming and hawing about a prediction.


Why spend hours, weeks or a month waiting for a subpar forecast from your data science team when you can have the finest forecasts available in minutes?


You can subscribe to our services in any number of different ways. Our affordable automated fintech data forecasting software delivers a near immediate ROI in increased insight.


Predict better and faster with automated fintech using our data forecasting software. Remove human bias, schedules and data misinterpretation.

Generate near immediate forecasts, more accurately than hundreds of statisticians working together.

Whether you need a few or thousands of forecasts, no other data forecasting software on the planet

is as powerful as our solution.


The institutional grade, straightforward forecasts delivered by our automated fintech provides disruptive, actionable

insight to forward looking organization who want to optimize the efficient distribution of their assets and resources, further in advance.


A few, a dozen, or thousands of forecasts, let us know what your organization requires.


Generated in less than 8 minutes, Acclaimed Labs releases The Home Depot Inc., (NYSE-HD) Home Depot 4Q18 Revenue Forecast


Acclaimed Labs releases NEW 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

for Lowes Companies Inc. (NYSE:LOW).

November 20, 2018 – Portland, Maine:


While the majority of Wall Street analysts have not updated their 4Q18 Revenue expectations for Lowes Companies Inc. (NYSE-LOW) yet,

Acclaimed Labs is already releasing our new,  automatically generated Lowes Companies (LOW) 4Q18 Revenue Forecast


Background: Lowes Companies Inc.  (NYSE-LOW) reported their 3Q18 Revenues today.

Our automated data forecasting software (automated fintech- financial technology) had a 95.81% accuracy predicting (LOW) Revenues for 3Q18.

Our forecast for Lowes Revenues takes under 8 minutes to generate, providing edge to forward looking organizations further in advance.


The same day Lowes Companies Inc. (NYSE-LOW) reports their 3Q18 Revenues,

Acclaimed Labs‘ automated high speed modeling and forecasting technology predicts

Lowes Companies (LOW) to report 4Q18 Revenues of $15.791B.


Our technology only uses historical revenue data to predict future revenue values with institutional grade accuracy.


There are deep underlying patterns in your data that our powerful software reveals

in minutes using powerful deep data mining/analysis.


Remove costs and improve insights with our powerful automated fintech forecasting financial technology.


Forecast any or all of your important data easily in rapid, high speed automation, removing bias and scheduling conflict.


Generate key forecasts from the cloud, desktop or laptop in minutes, gaining edge over human analysts the moment new data such as revenues, or new data is revealed.


Make decisions and plan better with our technology. Our straightforward forecasts represent the finest statistics based technology available.

Gain Competitive Advantage and save money while increasing your insight.


Our Modeling and Forecasting technology (automated fintech) will transform your organization, allowing you to more efficiently optimize the distribution

of your assets and resources, further in advance.


Run large business forecasts on all of your key and important data, bypassing traditional data science/analysts/planners who run models.


Contact us today to discuss our services.






Acclaimed Labs technology correctly predicted

Lowes Companies Inc. (NYSE:LOW)

would report 3Q18 Revenue Beat!


November 20, 2018 – Acclaimed Labs posted our 3Q18 Revenue Predictions for Lowes Companies Inc. (LOW): Lowes 3Q18 Revenue Forecast 

on November 5, 2018, here on our blog.


Our high speed, automated, high speed forecasting software correctly predicted that Lowes would beat Wall Streets Revenue expectations.

Analysts expected $17.37B in Revenues for 3Q18, Actual Revenues were $17.42B.  Acclaimed Labs technology predicted $18.15B in Revenues.


This is only a 4.19% error, 95.81% accuracy!


Why is this important? Because this forecast took under 8 minutes and delivered 95%+ accuracy.

Wall Street analysts, statisticians, and planners will continually adjust and update their

estimates and expectations for the entire quarter, costing their employers millions of dollars a year in unnecessary time and money.


Highly paid analysts, planners and experienced statisticians will hire expensive staff, use expensive third party software, costly third party data, generate exit interviews and

other complicated, awkward, proprietary job security mechanisms to analyze, data mine and predict time series data in a way only they know how.

Our technology removes these costly expenses with automation, and gives the modeling and forecasting power back to the employers.

We remove the need for humans who model and forecast data, reducing office politics, scheduling and human bias that creeps into forecasting.


How can we do this so accurately? Because there are deep underlying patterns and trends in your data that our powerful forecasting software identifies, uncovers and reveals.

We replace your models, complicated spreadsheets and other traditional modeling and forecasting functions with high speed, automated forecast publishing.


Our automated data forecasting technology delivers institutional grade accuracy with the push of one button, using only stale historical data to predict the future.

Allow our technology technology to save your organization time and money while increasing your actionable insight.


We have thousands of forecasts in our library for 4Q18 Revenue Predictions for US publicly traded companies. Contact us to secure your forecast today.


Lowe’s Earnings, Revenue beat in Q3 – Lowe’s (NYSE:LOW) reported third quarter earnings that beat analysts’ expectations on Tuesday and revenue that topped forecasts.

The firm reported earnings per share of $1.04 on revenue of $17.42B. Analysts polled by expected EPS of $0.98 on revenue of $17.36B.



Acclaimed labs will release our Lowes (NYSE:LOW) 4Q18 Revenue Forecast later today.






ETF Forecasting – Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) Nasdaq

November 2018 Close Price Forecast

November 19, 2018

Acclaimed Labs delivers automated statistical modeling and forecasting service to many different types of financial fundamentals, ETF’s and indexes.

Professional grade forecasts.

QQQ ETF November 2018 Forecast

Southwest Airlines (LUV) 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

Sabre Corp (SABR) 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

Spirit Airlines (SAVE) 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

November 19, 2018

We were recently contacted and asked to provide 4Q18 Forecasts for the following public companies:

SABRE SABR 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

Spirit Airlines SAVE 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

Southwest Airlines LUV 4Q18 Revenue Forecast

Forecasting US airline Carriers’ Revenues with Automated FINTECH:

Using Automated Fintech to beat Wall Street Analysts.

November 12, 2018.

Hi, and thanks for visiting our blog.

Fore more than five years, we have predicted (with institutional grade results) many US airline carriers’ future revenues with our automated data forecasting software technology.

Airline Revenues are difficult for highly paid Wall Street analysts to predict without expensive data, software and highly paid statisticians.

Our technology removes all of those things, and only needs historical revenue. Deep patterns exist in revenue data that our technology reveals.

Our automated revenue forecasts typically take a few minutes to generate vs. hours, days or weeks, and removes human bias and scheduling conflicts.

So to get to the point, here is a summary of highly paid Wall Street 4Q18 Analysts Revenue expectations vs. Acclaimed Labs 4Q18 Revenue expectations for the following US airline carriers:

Wall Street Vs. Acclaimed Labs 4Q18 Revenue predictions:
ALK   $2.03B    vs.      $2.07B
JBLU  $1.96B    vs.      $1.923B
DAL   $10.9B     vs.     $11.175B
UAL  $10.38B   vs.    $10.442B
AAL  $11.06B   vs.    $10.727B
HA     $714.87M   vs.   $738M
Here are the institutional grade 4Q18 revenue forecasts for AAL, HA, ALK, DAL, UAL and JBLU:



Acclaimed Labs releases

Hawaiian Airlines (HA) 4Q18

Passenger Revenue Forecast.

November 8, 2018

Acclaimed Labs’ (automated Fintech), (Financial Technology) delivers high speed data forecasting software and services to forward looking organizations.

Airlines, and more importantly business travel, are both one of many leading indicators that foreshadow the future health of the US economy.

If you can predict airline revenues, you can predict the economy. If you can predict the economy better, and sooner than your competition,

you can determine where to position your assets, resources and portfolio to maximize your ROI using the directional change in the economy.

Using our powerful automated fintech, we are releasing our 4Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast for Hawaiian Airlines (HA) –  Hawaiian 4Q18 PREV Forecast

(Passenger Revenues are a large component of overall gross revenues for nearly any airline. Growth in passenger revenues year over year is seen as the

leading indicator of health of the airline, the US airline industry, and more importantly the US economy.


Who creates your business forecasts? Does it take a few minutes, or hours or days?

Acclaimed Labs automated fintech forecasting software saves time and money, while increasing insight.


Data Forecasting Technology Services
Data Forecasting Software Technology Services Solution.


High Speed Data Forecasting Software.

Using Grey (paint shade) Search Data

to Forecast the US Economy.

November 7, 2018

Acclaimed Labs identifies and locates leading indicators of the health of the US economy, financial and search data.

With Google Trends being an excellent source of search data, with an easy to download interface, Acclaimed Labs

uses automated, high speed data forecasting software to model unique search terms which appear to be leading indicators of health

of the US economy. Grey paint has long been used in new and existing home homes for it’s more neutral shades,

which can match with a lot of other colors.

Here, we’ve taken the data from Google Trends, and created a forecast for the data:

Keyword -Grey – Shade of Paint. Search Engine Interest Forecast (1)



Foreshadowing the US Economy: Beating Wall Street.

Home Depot – NYSE (HD) 3Q18 Revenue Forecast

November 5, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases the Home Depot 3Q18 Revenue Forecast.

Wall Street Analysts expect an average of $26.25B in Revenues. Acclaimed Labs predicts $26.84B in Revenues, well above analysts expectations.


Foreshadowing the US Economy: Beating Wall Street.

Lowes – NYSE (LOW) 3Q18 Revenue Forecast

November 5, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases the Lowes 3Q18 Revenue Forecast.

Wall Street Analysts expect an average of $17.37B in Revenues. Acclaimed Labs predicts $18.15B in Revenues, well above analysts expectations.





Delta Air Lines (DAL) – NYSE:

Foreshadowing the US Economy


November 2, 2018

Airline travel, specifically business travel, is a leading indicator of the health of the US economy.

What people are searching for online also reveals patterns and trends that often correlate to other leading indicators such as airline revenues.

Acclaimed Labs is one of the only fintech companies to have a complete all in one high speed modeling and forecasting solution for your

monthly and quarterly time series data sets. A few, 100, or thousands of forecasts, our technology is unbiased and requires no rest.

No humans to misinterpret data information, our solution does not need information about the data. The technology does it all.

Delta Air Lines Search Activity Forecast

From Financial Fundamentals to airline, energy and healthcare data, Acclaimed Labs delivers automated, high speed data forecasting to forward looking organizations who take their future insight seriously.


Acclaimed Labs Beats Wall Street analysts 3Q18 Revenue Expectations for WEXINC (WEX),

releases 4Q18 WEX Revenue Forecast

October 31, 2018

Acclaimed Labs beat Wall Street Street analyst Revenue expectations on WEXINC (WEX) for 3Q18.

Yesterday, we posted our forecast (on our blog and here on Linkedin) that WEXINC. (WEX) would beat analysts 3Q18 average Revenue expectations, predicting record Revenues of $389 million. Six analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $375.4 million.

Today, WEX today reported financial results for the three months ended 3Q18: $382.7million.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Wex Inc. (WEX) A provider of fuel payment processing for fleet vehicles, posted revenue of $382.7 million in the period, topping Street forecasts. . Total revenue for the third quarter of 2018 increased 18% to $382.7 million from $324.0 million for the third quarter of 2017. Of the $58.7 million increase in the quarter, $17.8 million was the result of higher fuel prices.

***Why is this important? Because there are deep, underlying patterns in your organizations data. Our automated forecasting delivers institutional grade results in a high speed, unbiased manner. This forecast took 7 minutes to deliver. Improve insight, save money with AcclaimedLabs.

Acclaimed Labs releases WEX INC WEX 4Q18 Revenue Forecast


Predicting WEX 3Q18 Revenues with Automated Data Forecasting Software Technology

October 30, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases WEX 3Q18 Revenue Forecast (1). Acclaimed Labs predicts WEX will report record revenues at $389 million, above analysts average expectations of $375 million.

Acclaimed Labs delivered this forecast to WEX ( months ago.



Predicting the US Economy with Automation.

Search Engine Interest Forecasting = busy airport.

October 28, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases busy airport forecast.



Forecasting the US Economy.

Keyword = hotel.

October 28, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases hotel search engine interest forecast


Automated US Economic Forecasting.

Keyword = car rental.


October 28, 2018

After running thousands of search engine interest forecasts recently, Acclaimed Labs releases car rental search engine interest forecast.


Forecasting the US Economy – Travel.

Predicting luggage interest using search data.


October 28, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases luggage leading indicator forecast (1)




ATL Airport Traffic and

Passenger Activity

with Automated

Data Forecasting Software.


October 27, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases ATL Airport Activity  ATL Search Term Forecast – Worldwide

In an exploratory manner, Acclaimed Labs recently pointed our automated data forecasting software towards the large amounts of

time series data that is emitted from search engines. 


Our forecasting delivers institutional grade predictive results and actionable insights to your data.

Whether you are a large bank, hedge fund, airport, financial institution, airline, energy or healthcare organization, we bring

cutting edge, high speed, automated modeling to your data. Our technology publishes internal back testing results,

rare in the world of statistics.

Acclaimed Labs delivers the fastest and finest statistics based forecasts available.

Why did we pick ATL?:


About ATL and from:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest and most efficient airport in the world and, by some accounts, the best in North America. ATL is the economic jewel of Georgia, generating a $34.8 billion economic impact for metro Atlanta and providing more than 63,000 jobs on-site, making it the state’s largest employer.

Hartsfield-Jackson is a global gateway, offering nonstop service to more than 150 domestic and 70 international destinations. These locales include major commercial centers in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and South and Central America. ATL also holds the distinction of being the first airport in the world to serve more than 100 million passengers in a single year.

In many ways, Hartsfield-Jackson is more than an airport. It’s also a destination. ATL’s award-winning concessions program features more than 300 commercial venues meeting guests’ shopping, dining and service needs. And its art program integrates permanent and rotating exhibits and musical performances into the fabric of the guest experience.

Now with its capital improvement plan ATLNext, a 20-year blueprint for growth, the Airport is poised to modernize its Domestic Terminal, expand its cargo operations and concourses, replace two of its parking facilities, and pave the way for a hotel and mixed-use development that will further solidify Hartsfield-Jackson as a beacon of economic strength and customer service in Georgia – and beyond.


Acclaimed Labs once again Delivers

Stunning Prediction Results

for Hawaiian Airlines 3Q18

Passenger Revenues!

October 26, 2018

Acclaimed Labs does it again! After the stunning accuracy of forecasting 2Q18 Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Revenues with our automated data forecasting software technology, missing by only $6 million, our technology predicted 3Q18 Passenger Revenues at $695 million.

Actual 3Q18 Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Revenues were $697 million, our technology missed by only $2.2 million!!! Hawaiian Airlines 3Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast

Forecasting airline revenues, particularly airline passenger revenues, accurately, can provide a leading indicator to the health of the US and Global economy.

Acclaimed Labs uses ONLY historical data (univariate data) to predict the future value of that data.

Our powerfully automated, institutional grade predictive data forecasting solution predicts future values on your revenues, cash flow, financial fundamentals, or resources better and faster than 1000 statisticians working at once.

Learn how automated, high speed data forecasting software technology can help your organization improve the efficient optimization and distribution of your assets and resources.

If we can do this with difficult to predict airline data, imagine how much insight our forecasts could provide to your data?

Travel Forecasting – State Level

October 26, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases Maine Travel Forecast – How healthy is your State Economy?

State of Maine Travel Forecasting using Search engine data. Maine Trip Forecast November 2018


Predicting the US Median Home Price for

Single Family New Houses Sold using

Automated Data Forecasting Software.


October 24, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases US Single Family New Homes Sold US Median Sales Price, Single Family Homes November 2018 Forecast


Automated Crude Oil (WTI)

Price Forecasting $/bbl

October 24, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases $/bbl Crude Oil (WTI – West Texas Intermediate) WTI Crude price per barrel Nov 2018 Forecast


Automated Economic Forecasting –

Private One Family Housing Starts

3Q18 Forecast

October 23, 2018

Acclaimed Labs can forecast the future of nearly any monthly or quarterly historical data, from nearly any industry.

Today, we generated the 3Q18 Private Single Family Housing Starts to demonstrate our ability to not only forecast

company fundamentals, KPIs, and more, but also US economic data. Acclaimed Labs enjoys forecasting different

and unique data to deliver competitive advantage to our clients. Click below to view the forecast:

3Q18 Private Housing Starts One family Units


Acclaimed Labs added    to!

October 17, 2018

Portland, Maine., run by Big Room Studios, has updated and included Acclaimed Labs ( in their exclusive list of Maine startups.

Listed along other notable, high calibre Fintech companies such as Cashstar, Certify and Powerpay, Acclaimed Labs is proud of this achievement and our success creating world class statistical modeling and forecasting technology here in Maine, using Maine educated statisticians.


Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has been focused on creating Financial Technology. Bootstrapped here in Maine, Acclaimed Labs is the only Fintech technology company in Maine who has developed high speed, statistical modeling and forecasting automation for large scale forecasting business purposes, replacing hundreds of statisticians at once, removing human bias and schedule conflicts at the same time.


Acclaimed Labs is one of the most powerful, privately owned data forecasting software solutions on the planet. Our technology can forecast more data, better and faster than humans, and many existing data forecasting software solutions on the market. Our technology delivers the finest statistical based forecasts available for your important data. Scalable and driven by Data Science, Acclaimed Labs uses modern programming languages such as R and Python to create our powerful forecasting solution. What can we predict for you?


From the website:

This map is a labor of love created by members of Big Room Studios. In 2016, we started an informal list of helpful resources to share with our startup clients to help them navigate the ecosystem. Many were new to the Maine Startup community and were struggling to build relationships that were key to their growth. We quickly realized how valuable such a simple spreadsheet could be.

Similarly, we recognized that there was no comprehensive list of companies being built and grown in the State of Maine. This information is crucial to creating the symbiotic partnerships startups rely on to grow. After compiling the full list of startups in Maine, it was clear we needed to share what we found with the whole community.

Big Room Studios is a software engineering and consulting firm working at the intersection of technology, design and humanity.

For more information about Big Room Studios, please visit:

Acclaimed Labs owns and operates the fastest data forecasting software solution for forward looking organizations. Save money and increase insight.

For more information about our Fintech, please visit 


Forecasting Flight Interest with Search Engine Data

October 17, 2018

Using Search Data to forecast the health of the US and Global Economy.

Airline Revenues are leading indicators of the health of the US and Global economy. Airline Revenues, and other data sources, often hold the keys to deep and

powerful underlying mathematical patterns only statistical modeling can reveal.

By using our automated data forecasting software to model and forecast airline revenues and other time series data with institutional grade accuracy, you can have

an idea of where the economy is most likely going months or quarters in advance of competition.

Acclaimed Labs’ data forecasting software automatically forecasts financial, airline, health and energy data with high speed, institutional grade accuracy.

Recently, we were asked to create a forecast using search engine data to demonstrate our ability to step into search engine keyword forecasting.

The results show continued health and year over year growth within the US economy.

Flying To Forecast October 2018

Human Statistician vs. 1000 Automated Statisticians

October 9, 2018


Are you allowing unqualified staff to “model” or forecast using common spreadsheets?

Do they spend hours, days or weeks evaluating your data forecast request

before “selecting” a “model” and providing their predictions with hesitance?

Does your modeling/forecasting/statistician hem and haw about not having enough variables?

Do they use other language that removes the confidence in their predictions?


Does your forecasting staff interrogate you about your data, why you want it, and when?

Are there countless emails about the data?


These are all human roadblocks that our automated, high speed modeling and forecasting software takes care of.


If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading:


Eliminate your organizations bottlenecks in the business forecasting process by using our forecasting software solution.


Remove human bias, statisticians schedules, feedback or office politics with our automated statistical modeling and forecasting technology.


We do all the modeling professional statisticians perform, but in high speed automation.


Our software runs hundreds of combinations of models, computations and algorithms in mere minutes, something a team of statisticians cannot perform.


Why use our services? Save money and increase actionable insights.


Acclaimed Labs is your one stop complete forecasting solution for your monthly or quarterly data.


Want to predict with greater granularity? Buy a private copy of our technology to scale and adjust accordingly.


We use R and Python in our robust solution, which is a powerful combination of two of the hottest data science programming languages on the planet.


Contact us to learn more.

3Q18 Delta Airlines Revenue Forecast

October 9, 2018


Acclaimed Labs Releases the Delta 3Q18 Revenue Forecast


Airline Revenues are notoriously difficult to predict due to the heavy seasonal, cyclical behavior of the data.

Acclaimed Labs has more than a half a decade of experience forecasting airline revenues, delivering

an average of 95% or greater accuracy predicting future revenues, across the entire US Airline Industry.

This unique core provided a robust solution for forecasting data in other company fundamentals, in other industries.


Our innovative, automated forecasting software technology publishes and showcases internal back testing results, in depth, on your data,

allowing you a unique peak into how well our robust platform is predicting on your historical data, along with actionable insights.

These rare features and benefits provide an enormous value to airlines, investment banks and hedge funds who hire statisticians

and analysts to model and forecast future company fundamentals. Fundamentals, especially in year over year growth of revenues,

provides guidance the company is growing. Airline Revenues, or predicting future airline revenues are of significant importance due to the

fact that they are a leading indicator of health for the US and Global economy.


Allow our high speed automated technology to model and forecast your time series fundamental data with fast turnaround.

Acclaimed Labs will provide short term forecasting services.


Contact us to learn more about our business data forecasting software technology solution.

October 2018 US Economic Strength Forecast

October 9, 2018

Acclaimed Labs has created a proprietary US Economic Strength Forecast: October 2018 US Economy Strength Forecast


High Performance Statistical Modeling and Forecasting Software Engine Solution by Acclaimed Labs.

September 13, 2018

Automatic, high speed modeling and forecasting by Acclaimed Labs delivers unequaled insights into your important business data. The most appropriate model for your data is built automatically, and in the case of Acclaimed Labs, we use an ensemble model selection algorithm to achieve the type of accuracy our high performance statistical modeling engine delivers. High performance Fintech based software by Acclaimed Labs replaces high paid statisticians with institutional grade automation. Call or contact us today to see the difference forecasting automation makes in your workflow. Remove human bias, schedules and office politics with the use of our powerful, yet easy to use and understand, simple forecasting solution. Upgrade your “analytics” department to predict the future, not just report on old data.


Fintech Forecasting Software Technology and Solution.

September 13, 2018

Acclaimed Labs owns the most powerful Fintech Forecasting Software Technology Solution on the planet. Who does your forecasting?

Hi and thanks for visiting our blog.

Fintech is nothing new, however automated forecasting is a newer fintech (financial technology) business concept that many organizations are finding is extremely difficult to build, or buy any type of automated forecasting software that isn’t enterprise level and costs up to millions of dollars to implement. Large enterprise solutions will only sell large, difficult to use forecasting solutions that typically only statisticians can use.

Our fintech forecasting software technology solution breaks that mold with innovative use of automation.

Our fintech forecasting technology solves your modeling and forecasting needs with high speed automation. Modeling and forecasting is an expensive yet necessary component of data science typically delivered by highly skilled statisticians with masters degrees. The powerfully automated data forecasting software by Acclaimed Labs delivers institutional grade modeling to your key business data, providing the effective power of more than 1000 statisticians working at once in harmony, running computations, models, and algorithms.

Make better decisions with more accurate fintech based forecasts that include integrated backtesting of model selection algorithms. Build Better Forecasts with our software, creating more forecasts more easily with high speed automation. Acclaimed Labs’ technology software and solution automates forecasting for your organization with our software solution.

For server, cloud or desktop, Acclaimed Labs’ scalable platform (which runs on r and Python), allows your staff to easily generate institutional grade forecasts with no human statisticians needed.

Our fintech forecasting software can be used for revenue and sales forecasting and well beyond into financial, airline, healthcare, energy, and retail applications. Our all in one automatic forecasting software solution delivers institutional grade results for all time series data.

Our fintech forecasting technology is a unique blend of open source software (r and python), and many models and algorithms meant for business forecasting, demand and budget planning, investment banks, airlines and other organizations with a need to predict their data better, and faster then existing market forecasting software solutions.

Allow our fintech technology to reveal and uncover patterns and trends in your data, delivering the finest statistical based forecasts available. Our forecasting software self publishes, and includes internal back test results, rare for any existing market solutions to do this.  If our platform cannot accurately predict due to the behavior of the data, it shows this.

Allow our fintech forecasting software to evaluate your time series data and create institutional grade forecasts for all of your key performance data. Adopt forecasting software from Acclaimed Labs to improve your look into your organizations’ future. Our fully automatic forecasting platform is unique in a world of enterprise solutions that require you to program and hire expensive labor. Our easy to use template delivers a straightforward forecast devoid of any human interaction or bias.

Improve company workflow and make better decisions regarding your organization with fintech forecasting software powered by high speed automation. Better forecasting allows your organization to more efficiently optimize the distribution of your assets and resources.

Allow our fintech fianncial forecasting technology to model and forecast your data in high speed automation. A few forecasts, or millions, allow our forecasting software technology solution to deliver you fast, accurate results.

Email Acclaimed Labs at to discuss how our automated data forecasting software technology solution can help your organization.

Fintech – Financial Forecasting Technology

September 12, 2018

Modern fintech financial forecasting technology by Acclaimed Labs delivers unequaled competitive advantage to forward looking organizations.

Many companies and organizations want to predict better, but cannot find skilled statisticians with Masters Degrees (real data scientists) to do the statistical modeling and forecasting.

And if they can hire even a few real statisticians, it’s usually not enough to run hundreds, or millions of forecasts.

Our fintech forecasting technology runs in high speed automation, data mining and running thousands of computations, models, and algorithms on your data.

Acclaimed Labs fills a large labor skills gap of statisticians with advanced college degrees ie. Masters Degrees

With the recent reported shortage of more than 157,000 data scientists in the US alone, Acclaimed Labs removes the need for statisticians, their teams of programmers, and their various, expensive modeling and forecasting software solutions by 3rd parties.

Our powerful, all in one, automated forecasting software solution removes human bias, emotions, job ques and office politics without the need for sleep.

Acclaimed Labs delivers unequaled value and competitive advantages with our fintech financial technology for forecasting.

Our Fintech solves your statistical modeling and forecasting needs with modern technology automation. Call or email today to bring

competitive advantage to your organization.


Forecasting Technology Services for Time Series Analysis

August 27, 2018

Your organization needs to model and forecast large amounts of time series data (time series analysis). Acclaimed Labs delivers forecasting technology services (demand forecasting) for financial, economic, health and other types of important time series data sets.

Data Analytics vs. Data Forecasting Technology

August 25, 2018

Data analytics reveals insights on past data. Data Forecasting Technology predicts the future, after the analytics. It is important to understand the clear


Artificial Neural Networks for Data Forecasting

August 23, 2018

Acclaimed Labs uses an integrated artificial neural network in our data forecasting technology.

Data Forecasting Technology to replace statisticians

August 23, 2018

Leading the pack, Acclaimed Lab’s data forecasting technology for investment banks, airlines and healthcare companies, automates the modeling and forecasting duties of highly paid statisticians. Our cutting edge automation allows planners and analysts to run forecasts without the need for statisticians.

Healthcare Automation Market – Forecasting with modern, high speed, large scale automated technology

August 4, 2018

The Global Healthcare Automation market is rapidly expanding from it’s approximate value of US $28bn in 2016. Acclaimed Labs delivers healthcare automation software, technology, and services to the Healthcare Automation Market in the form of our fully automated, high speed, large scale data forecasting software solution.

While many Healthcare companies focus on the important task of automation of process and analytics for their data, Acclaimed Labs tackled the extremely expensive and difficult task of creating an automated robust, high performance statistical modeling engine for time series data, (the natural extension of healthcare analytics).

While data analytics services focus on extracting useful insights on historical data to show value and insight, Acclaimed Labs forecasting technology boldly predicts the future. Acclaimed Labs used modern data science methods and powerful open source software (OSS) to create our high speed, large scale forecasting software solution. Our forecasting software solution delivers accuracy and agility to the Healthcare Automation Market. Our institutional grade solution self publishes historical predictive errors in 4 different ways to provide confidence levels to the user, the only forecasting solution for the Healthcare Automation Market to do so.

Acclaimed Labs created, owns and operates the most powerful and fully automated data forecasting solution on the planet. We are the #1 Forecasting Service/Software/Technology/Solution in the global Healthcare Automation Market.


Supply Chain Planning and Forecasting

August 3, 2018

Supply chain planning and management depends heavily on accurate supply chain forecasting. By forecasting your supply chains needs more accurately in advance, you can more efficiently manage the distribution and planning around the supply chain. Our forecasting software helps forecast supply chain needs more accurately than existing solutions in a high speed manner using cutting edge, revolutionary forecasting software by Acclaimed Labs. A ripple effect of cost savings can be initiated with better forecasting. Due to our use of powerful, scalable OSS (open source software), our automated forecasting software integrates with nearly all existing supply chain software solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Predictive Data Forecasting Software Solution

August 3, 2018

Organizations who require a predictive data forecasting software solution typically want to optimize the efficient distribution of their assets and resources. Use of common spreadsheets to forecast is outdated and inefficient, often time leading to inefficient forecasting which affects revenues, expenses and margins. If you think of a multi billion company, by improving their forecasting by only a few % can mean millions of dollars in savings. Acclaimed Labs offers a complete forecasting solution that supports your planning efforts with finest statistical based, institutional grade forecasts available. We are the #1 most powerful and accurate forecasting technology software solution service on the planet.

Add our fully automated, predictive, high speed forecasting software technology solution to your analytics technology. See how our straightforward, investment and institutional grade predictive software can bring unlimited value to your organization. Highly scalable with a nearly unlimited open source software model repository using open source, use of our forecasting software delivers unmatched and unequaled predictive value. No human statistical team, or automated, automatic data forecasting on the planet is as accurate, can deliver as many forecasts, or self publishes internal forecasting errors like the Acclaimed Labs data forecasting software solution.

Forecast the financial fundamentals of your entire portfolio at your investment bank as soon as the key metrics are released. Forecast your airline, investment bank or hospital administrations’ key financial and valued data metrics. Forecast your supply chain, transportation or energy data. Our blazing fast forecasting software solution delivers the finest statistical based forecast results on the planet, without human bias, work ques or gut feelings.

Use of our automated forecasting software allows your organization to more accurately anticipate the needs of your clients and customers.

Forecast your financials, fundamentals, supply chain, and other time series data easily with our powerful forecasting software.

Financial Fundamental – Key Performance indicators forecasting

August 2, 2018


Does your financial organization need financial fundamental forecasting in an automated, centralized solution? Our cutting edge technology forecasting technology can be used to better predict revenue, gross profit, net income, free cash flow or EBIT/EBITA. With our institutional grade, high speed automation, our innovative technology takes your key performance data and brings it to life with straightforward forecasts. Our technology does the heavy duty statistical modeling, backtesting and self publishing only an extremely sophisticated predictive platform could deliver. Whether you need 5 or 50,000 forecasts generated in an automated fashion for your organizations data, our powerful, scalable technology delivers. Robust, flexible, innovative. Acclaimed Labs created, owns and operates the most powerful data forecasting solution on the planet. From financial data to airlines, health care and energy – our automated forecasting platform provides financial fundamental, key performance indicators forecasting to the forward looking organization.


Allow our data forecasting solution, technology and services to save your organization a valuable amount of money, time and resources. #Forecasting #automation #statistics

Automated Data Forecasting Solution – time series data forecasting technology

August 2, 2018

Your organization has large amounts of time series data sets that need to be modeled in an automated, high speed, large scale manner. The automated data forecasting solution, technology and services delivered by Acclaimed Labs deliver institutional grade forecasts/predictions. The exceptional results our technology produces is the result of many years of testing and the refining of our automated modeling and forecasting using extremely difficult, difficult to predict, future airline passenger revenues data, which is chaotic, noisy, highly seasonal and cyclical in behavior. Our innovative combination of powerful R and Python provides a competitive advantage to forward looking organizations with large amounts of time series data they want to automate every month, or quarter. Scale our technology to real time data. Our use of R and Python provide a solid foundation in which to have a large scale, high speed data forecasting platform for time series data. Our automated data forecasting solution for time series data is the most powerful, scalable technology on the planet due to our use of Open Source Software (R and Python). The powerful, unique combination and innovative use of Open Source Software delivers investment bank and institutional grade, straightforward forecasts that reveals patterns, trends and potential risk in your data. Remove work ques and human bias with the automated data forecasting solution by Acclaimed Labs.


Acclaimed Labs provides the fastest, most accurate data forecasting on the planet. Our unique forecasting solution self publishes it’s internal forecast results, delivery exceptionally sophisticated institutional grade results.

Airline Passenger Revenue Forecasting Technology- American Airlines 2Q18 RESULTS STUN!!! Less than 2% error! Acclaimed Releases American Airlines 3Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast 90 days in advance.


July 26, 2018

Portland, Maine. Acclaimed Labs STUNNING forecast results on American Airlines Passenger Revenue Forecast for 2Q18!

American Airlines (AAL) reported actual 2Q18 passenger revenues at $10.674 Billion vs. Acclaimed Labs 2Q18 forecast of $10.869 billion resulted in a less than 2% error! We predicted this 90 days in advance, with no advance ticketing data, no large overhead, no other variables, no planners or analysts guidance. (We predict up to a year and more) and created this new forecast in about 7 minutes. 

With one button, thousands of models, computations and algorithms run in high speed automation on your time series airline or investment bank monthly or quarterly data. Run your time series data in large scale, high speed automation with our technology. Allow our technology to uncover and reveal patterns and trends in the airline or financial fundamental time series data your investment bank, health care company, energy or retail organization collects, monitors or forecasts. 


click the forecast to see full forecast —> American Airlines AAL 3Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast

Acclaimed Labs‘ fully automated data forecasting technology now forecasts/predicts American Airlines 3Q18 Passenger Revenues at $10.672Billion. #airlines #forecasting #automation #prediction #analysts 

Airline Revenues are important leading indicators of the health of our economy, and the direction of many other industries/sectors of business.

Who does your forecasting? Can they or the technology run thousands or millions of time series forecasts in high speed, large scale automation?  #humanservices or #automationtools #algorithms #investmentbanking #timeseriesanalysis

Acclaimed Labs created, owns and operates the most powerful, privately owned, fully automated data forecasting on the planet.

Airline Passenger Revenue Forecasting Technology- HAWAIIAN AIRLINES RESULTS STUN!!! 0% error!


July 25, 2018

3 months ago – Acclaimed Labs forecasted 2Q18 passenger Revenues for Hawaiian Airlines at $658 million. Actual reported 2Q18 Passenger Revenues $655 million. Our technology was only $3 million off this quarter, this is institutional grade results. With no statisticians, analysts, teams of data scientists, or planners with advance ticketing data, we forecast a year or more in advance. This powerfully accurate forecast took just a few minutes to generate while airlines and investment banks struggle with large scale, high speed forecasting. Our solution solves your forecasting problems. 

Please review our new 3Q18 Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Revenue Forecast, and the 2Q18 for comparison. 

Hawaiian Airlines 3Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast

Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Revenue 2Q18 Forecast (2)

The push of one button by our technology runs thousands of models, computations and algorithms. Mere minutes later -no statisticians required – you have an institutional grade forecast. No work ques, office politics or gut feelings. This type of accuracy is due to our powerful, fully automated data forecasting technology. Your airline, investment bank or organization can also have this type of institutional grade predictive accuracy. It starts by contacting us. Whether a handful of forecasts, or millions, our scalable technology can deliver the statistical based results you need. Allow our powerful predictive technology to reveal powerful patterns and trends in your time series data. Whether an airline or an investment bank, our institutional grade forecasting technology produces value that no other solution offers. 

Our scalable solution uses open source software (OSS) in a clever mix to bring truly innovative large scale, high speed forecasting to forward looking organizations.

Beat the widening statisticians labor gap with our forecasting technology. Gain competitive advantage and edge. Bring value to your clients with automated forecasting. Our solution brings the finest statistical based modeling and forecasting technology available to your data. Let our technology bring your time series data to life with our powerful predictive forecasting technology. Allow our automated data mining, modeling and forecasting technology to reveal powerful patterns in your time series data.

Identify leading indicators of emerging opportunities or risk, sooner. Our technology allows your organization to spend more quality time optimizing the efficient distribution of your assets and resources. Remove human bias, add high speed, large scale data forecasting technology and services from Acclaimed Labs.

Hawaiian Airlines 3Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast

Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Revenue 2Q18 Forecast (2)

Acclaimed Labs created, owns and operates the most powerful data forecasting solution on the planet.

Contact us today. #airlines #investmentbanking #forecasting

Airline Revenue Forecasting Technology

Hawaiian Airlines 2Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast

July 23, 2018

Portland, Maine. Acclaimed Labs is forecasting 2Q18 Hawaiian Airlines (HA) Passenger Revenues at US $658 Million, up 11% year over year.

Acclaimed Labs delivers institutional grade, fully automated, high speed, large scale, institutional grade data forecasting to your airline or investment bank focused time series data. Whether a handful of forecasts, or millions of forecasts run in automation, our solution provides the finest statistical based forecasts available in a high speed, large scale, automated manner.  Our services solution allows your team to focus on optimizing your organization’s time series data instead of modeling and coding each month. Our technology in your organization would functions as a centralized forecasting solution that could be scaled, have models added, and all ensemble model selection algorithms customized.  Remove human bias, work ques, office politics and gut feelings. Make better business decisions. Bring your data to life with actionable insights.   Acclaimed Labs operates the most powerful, privately owned forecasting technology and services solution on the planet.  See and learn more at 

Hawaiian Airlines Passenger Revenue 2Q18 Forecast (2)

Robust Forecasting Technology

July 22, 2018

Acclaimed Labs delivers robust forecasting technology with our high speed, large scale automated forecasting solution. Our automatic automated data forecasting solution functions as a plug in, automated, centralized, high performance statistical modeling and forecasting engine for the investment bank, hedge fund, energy, retail or healthcare organization focused on acquiring forecasting technology for their organization. Using scalable, OSS open source software, our solution models, forecasts and self publishes the finest statistical based predictions available in 1/1500 the time a human team could reproduce. See how our automated, robust forecasting technology and services can help your forward looking organization make better decisions.

To learn more about our automated, robust forecasting solution, please email us at

American Airlines 2Q18 Passenger Revenue Forecast

July 20, 2018

update:  (July 22 2018 for consistency – added 1Q18 AAL American Airlines Passenger Revenue Forecast at bottom of blog post)

Acclaimed Labs has for more than 5 years been forecasting and predicting future airline passenger revenues.

Our robust, fully automated data forecasting technology produces institutional grade, statistical based forecasts using time series data

from many different business sectors that have large amounts of time series data.

What type of financial fundamentals does your investment bank, financial institution or hedge fund want to predict/forecast better and faster?

Our powerful solution delivers large scale forecasting in high speed automation, bringing your data to life with actionable insights.

Use our solution to model and forecast important KPI’s and or all the financial fundamentals in your firm, efficiently and without bias.

Let our fully automated data forecasting solution solve the widening high level skills gap for qualified statisticians with master degrees.

Generate a forecast “on the spot”. Use our technology to make better business decisions, sooner.

Acclaimed Labs 1Q18 AAL American Airlines Passenger Revenue Forecast –> AA 1Q18 Recast BETA (1) .   (Note we were at 3% error on 1Q18)

Acclaimed Labs forecasts 2Q18 American Airline Passenger Revenues at record $10.869 Billion US! 2Q18 AAL American Airlines Passenger Revenue Forecast 

Large Scale, High Speed, Automated Data Forecasting – Macroeconomic Data – US Housing Starts

July 19, 2018

Acclaimed Labs releases 2Q18 Acclaimed Housing Starts Quarterly Forecast

Acclaimed Labs uses our fully automated data forecasting technology on time series data sets.

Time series data sets can come from nearly any industry or sector, nationally and globally.

Acclaimed Labs uses our high speed, large scale data forecasting technology on many

time series data sets in order to predict future values. Whether 5 or 1 million forecasts,

our powerful forecasting solution delivers high speed data forecasting to your time series data.

Acclaimed Labs owns and operates the most powerful, privately owned, institutional grade,

automated forecasting solutions on the planet. Using open source technology in our powerful

solution (Python and R), our entire platform is scalable and customizable. Data science designed,

our data forecasting solution bridges a large and expanding skilled labor gap. Our automated

forecasting technology for time series data saves time, money and resources while providing

competitive advantages. Our solution solves your statistical modeling and forecasting problems

with high speed, large scale automation for your time series data.

Automated, High Speed, Large Scale Forecasting by Acclaimed Labs.

April 11, 2018

Data Forecasting Technology Services

Large Scale Forecasting with no Coding. Let our technology do the heavy work.

Over the past few years, we’ve optimized how our virtually unlimited model repository models and forecasts hard to predict, noisy, seasonal and cyclical data. Our forecasts are designed to help planners and analysts optimize assets and resources, delivering statistical based services to be as accurate as possible given the dynamics and noise in the behavior being forecasted.

Some features and benefits of using our forecasting services:

Our Internal diagnostics back test model predictions and self publish results, offering an uncontaminated forecast, devoid of human bias or model selection. Reducing an organizations internal power, political and personal agendas, our high speed, large scale forecasting removes any human intervention or bias. Our high speed automation delivers actionable insights that represent important opportunities, or potential risk. We save time and money by allowing the data to select and build the best models to work use with no human intervention.

Allow your planners, analysts and consultants to work on the actionable insight our services offer, not spending time trying to code complex, predictive production grade technology, or use inferior forecasting products. Allow our high speed, institutional grade, large scale forecasting technology services to bring automated modeling and forecasting skills to transform your organization. Our statistical modeling based services solve problems, saves money and allows you and your organization to focus on the important key performance indicators that drive your business.

Forecast faster, better.

New Website, fresh start!

April 7, 2018

 Acclaimed Labs

Welcome to our new website and blog! A fresh start in many ways! After 8 years, we’ve emerged with finished technology and a clean image/website.

In the past, our focus was on finishing our technology, not our blog or website. We hope the website facelift clearly identifies what we do, and the value we provide.

Our intention is to begin posting some of our personal forecasting projects here in the blog, each month, and perhaps have some random updates on our company. We hope our personal projects will showcase the robust technology we’ve created here at Acclaimed Labs.

As the US and global employment market struggles to fill a labor shortage for high value data forecasting skills, our solution has emerged as the only privately owned, completely automated, professional grade statistical modeling and forecast publishing service on the planet.

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