Forecasting US airline Carriers’ Revenues with Automated FINTECH:

Using Automated Fintech to beat Wall Street Analysts.

November 12, 2018.

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Fore more than five years, we have predicted (with institutional grade results) many US airline carriers’ future revenues with our automated data forecasting software technology.

Airline Revenues are difficult for highly paid Wall Street analysts to predict without expensive data, software and highly paid statisticians.

Our technology removes all of those things, and only needs historical revenue. Deep patterns exist in revenue data that our technology reveals.

Our automated revenue forecasts typically take a few minutes to generate vs. hours, days or weeks, and removes human bias and scheduling conflicts.

So to get to the point, here is a summary of highly paid Wall Street 4Q18 Analysts Revenue expectations vs. Acclaimed Labs 4Q18 Revenue expectations for the following US airline carriers:

Wall Street Vs. Acclaimed Labs 4Q18 Revenue predictions:
ALK   $2.03B    vs.      $2.07B
JBLU  $1.96B    vs.      $1.923B
DAL   $10.9B     vs.     $11.175B
UAL  $10.38B   vs.    $10.442B
AAL  $11.06B   vs.    $10.727B
HA     $714.87M   vs.   $738M
Here are the institutional grade 4Q18 revenue forecasts for AAL, HA, ALK, DAL, UAL and JBLU:

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