Institutional-Grade Predictive Analytics Platform

Why Do You Need Our Predictive Analytics Platform?

We save you time and invaluable resources by providing your company with an institutional-grade predictive modeling and forecasting solution. Our platform eliminates the need for data scientists, along with the high overhead and expenses typically associated with their teams and assorted infrastructure.

Statistical Analysis & Predictive Analytics

Our high performance modeling platform ingests time-series data, then generates powerful and intuitive predictive forecasts.

Locate emerging opportunities and trends while identifying potential risk. Replace common workplace spreadsheets with more accurate forecasting.

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Managed or Self-Hosted Solutions

Let us model your big data into marketable insights or license a desktop version and use our platform to model your own data.

Forecasting Model

Our automated high-performance statistical modeling solution ingests, and models nearly all time-series based big data.

Big Data Predictive Platform That Anyone Can Use

The newest benefits Acclaimed Labs has provided to big data predictive analytics include speed and precision, due to our code structure, architecture and modeling.

Fast, Precise Time-Series Modeling and Forecasting

Our automated high-performance statistical modeling solution ingests, models and generates forecasts for nearly all time-series based big data, including real time data!


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Smart. Intuitive. Simplified. Forecasting.

Acclaimed Labs primary product is an institutional grade, high performance statistical modeling platform. Originally built to model performance indicators for capital management professionals, the automated back testing, diagnostics, and publishing technology has been expanded to ingest and model nearly all types of Time Series based Big Data. Quality programming allows for easy integration.

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates predictive model building. Utilizing algorithms generated from previous data, machine learning enables computers to exploit opportunities and insights without being directly programmed where to search.

Deep structured learning is generally characterized as the next iteration of neural networks.  These capabilities give us the insight to build better models and representations from big data that is unstructured.

The platform’s powerful predictive statistical modeling technology can help clients identify emerging opportunities, trends, and potential risk. Acclaimed Labs predictive financial modeling technology replaces data scientists and common office spreadsheets, with automated efficiency and institutional grade accuracy.

Innovation Since 2010

Since 2010, Acclaimed Labs has grown to become a powerful provider of financial technology and predictive forecasting.