"While most Human Statisticians are analyzing your historical data over morning coffee, our Innovative Data Forecasting Technology would have already generated a dozen Investment-Grade Forecasts in High Speed Automation. "

-Judson Smith, Acclaimed Labs CEO

Identify Emerging Opportunities

We’re capable of predicting market information utilizing our data or yours. Our platform identifies key statistics within your data to quickly help you determine the value.

Why Subscription Based Data Forecasting?

Affordable, Faster and More Accurate Predictions Based on Statistics and Data Science. Quick turnaround Forecasts on All your historical Time Series Datasets.

The image is to demonstrate how our high speed, fully automated forecasting technology delivers an institutional grade forecast in minutes. Data Science is 99% statistics modeling and forecasting. Our technology is the most powerful, privately owned forecasting solution on the planet.

Spotting Opportunity and Risk

Our professional forecasts allow your organization to be more efficient, planning further and more accurately in advance. Where does your Data say it is trending? Is it Seasonal, Cyclical?

Automated High Speed Modeling

Designed with Data Science and Engineered by Statisticians to Reduce forecasting time from Weeks to Minutes.

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