fore·cast ˈfôrˌkast/
verb/ 1. predict a
future event/"the
revenue forecast
shows clear

synonyms: predict, project, foresee, foretell

Transform your organization with fully automated data forecasting services.

We efficiently model and forecast your organization’s data.

Our intuitive forecasts reveal clear patterns, trends, and potential risks.

You gain actionable insights into your Government, Energy, Airline, Retail and Financial data.

Let our forecasting technology do the heavy lifting.

Flexible, sophisticated, high-speed modeling unlocks your data’s predictive values.

Powerful automation publishes professional-grade forecasts.

Large-scale forecasting saves you time, money, and resources.

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Automated Data Modeling

Challenged with forecasting time series
data better and faster than
existing solutions, we engineered
our automation out of necessity.

Data Modeling and Forecasting

Our powerful automation is
built for travel, health, airline
and financial data forecasting.


Our state space models are advanced probabilistic graphical models, using theoretical techniques to analyze your data. By simplifying data into component parts, state space models apply a large variety of models to select the optimal prediction.

Our Artificial Neural Network, adapts and predicts where when other techniques fail. Artificial Neural Networks capitalize on advances in computer processing power, revealing previously unrecognized insights in your data.

Company Fact: In 2012,  a hedge fund owner gave us unique insight into existing forecasting services on Wall Street – and we listened. Our modern technology now delivers value precisely where existing forecasting solutions fail.

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